Customize MUNNY beyond all recognition with this DIY Kidrobot classic. 7-inches of beautiful blank-slate white

Beards, toupees and other incognito gear morph MUNNY into the master of disguise.

You can draw and paint on MUNNY, use crayons, pencils, ketchup, or anything else you can think of. You can make clothes for MUNNY. Make things to put in MUNNY's hands! Snuggle him, pierce him, drape him, cherish him. MUNNY is open to pretty much anything.

Packaged in a closed box with one mystery accessory, practice sticker, and "Hello My Name Is" card, the new MUNNYWORLD figures are bigger and better than ever. Scribble on TRIKKY, create SiaMUNNY twins, craft a two-headed octoped RAFFY monster, or build a FOOMI army! Or... you could get just one, cherish it, and save the rest of your money for a leopard-print jetski. You can do whatever you want!

Artist: You
Material: Soft Vinyl
Edition: Standard

Product Code: WHIY2

Artist / Brand: kidrobot

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